Like people, dogs suffer from health problems that may affect their quality of life in both minor and major ways. Some of these health problems come and go, while some stay forever.

Here are the top 5 health problems that affect our beloved furry buddies:


Dogs vomit for many different reasons. The most common and less serious ones are swallowing foreign objects and eating inappropriate foods, which are normal and can only lead to general vomiting. However, when your dog develops vomiting that doesn’t subside after a day, it could be that your dog is suffering from gastrointestinal blockage, parvovirus infection, or other serious diseases.

If you noticed that your dog was acting differently before the vomiting episode, or if the vomiting doesn’t stop after a day, visit the vet immediately. However, if your dog appears to be normal after vomiting, there’s no need to panic. Oh, and feed him bland foods to help calm his stomach.


Diarrhoea is a very common dog health problem whose potential causes are similar to those of vomiting. This means that your dog may suffer from diarrhoea due to eating inappropriate food or swallowing random objects. In most cases, diarrhoea occurs on its own and is not accompanied by any other symptom. But in extreme cases, diarrhoea and vomiting occur simultaneously, which makes the life of our dogs quite difficult.

Similar to vomiting, there’s no need to panic when your dog experiences isolated bouts of diarrhoea. One or two episodes is not a cause for concern, and giving him enough plenty of water to prevent dehydration is the key to your pooch’s recovery. However, if the diarrhoea persists – or if it is accompanied by lethargy or vomiting, visit the vet immediately.


Obesity is a serious health issue that not only affects people but also our furry little friends. In fact, obesity is one of the fastest-growing and most common health problems seen in dogs, which means that it is indeed a serious matter that needs to be addressed. How serious? Well, if left unsolved, obesity can lead to various health issues including heart disease, liver disease, joint pain, and diabetes, among others.

Just as in people, obesity can be prevented with healthy living. And in the case of dogs, their calorie output should be increased and their calorie intake should be decreased, and the number of treats and snacks they receive throughout the day should be cut down. In other words, the right balance of good diet and exercise can help your dog stay in excellent shape.

Ear Infections

Another common health problem seen in dogs, ear infections have the potential to cause serious damage to your pet’s health when left untreated and can cause your dog to experience irritation or pain. It is often caused by a foreign object becoming lodged inside your dog’s ears, starting as a minor irritation and eventually turning into an infection.

Signs of an ear infection include incessant scratching around their ears and frequent shaking of their heads, and it is typically accompanied by ear discharge or debris, or skin issues. Fortunately, ear infections can be prevented by getting into the habit of routinely cleaning your dog’s ears, but be sure to do it the right way to prevent damaging poor Fido’s ears.


Even our beloved furry buddies aren’t safe from the annoying joint disease that we call arthritis. It is even a very common health problem that mostly plagues older dogs, affecting 1 out of 5 Australian dogs at some point in their short lives. Aside from that, determining whether your dog has arthritis or not is also a challenge because of the hard-to-spot symptoms and the fact that dogs don’t complain even when their joints are in pain.

Though signs of arthritis in dogs are often hard to spot, observing their mobility, movement, and the time it takes for them to get up on all fours will give you an idea about their condition. If all of those appear to be slower than usual, then your pet is most likely suffering from arthritis. The sad reality about arthritis in dogs is that there’s no cure for it. However, it can be effectively managed with regular exercise, proper diet, and anti-arthritic drugs.

Dog health problems

Dogs Are The Best

Life is short, and the life of dogs is even shorter. To keep them in good health we need to spend with them. Take them out for a walk or play catch outside. Treat them as members of your family by indulging them with delicious treats and pet accessories such as dog clothes or custom pet collars. Whatever it is, do what you must to show your dog that you love them. 

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