Have you got locked out of your property?

Whether you are unable to access your home, office, or car due to a key or lock issue, there are plenty of locksmith companies out there that provide their services to property owners, however how do you choose a locksmith? This topic came up after one of us was recently charged an obscene amount of money by a local locksmith to be let in when locked out of their home by accident.

Also with the current scans about https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5548903/Dodgy-backpackers-posing-locksmiths-scamming-residents-thousands-dollars.html

We have put a couple of bits together to check out before engaging with a locksmith.

Check for legitimacy

Research the business online, Facebook for any reviews and confirm they’re using a local address (Google maps will show you what it looks like).

Check for Licenses

In Australia to be a locksmith you need your security license. A proper locksmith will carry this around in their wallet, it is the size of a driver’s license ask to see this.


As with any trade insurance is important. Especially though for a locksmiths, making sure the insurance covers damage to a property.

Fully Equipped Mobile Locksmith

Make sure you are engaging with a fully equipped mobile locksmith for convenience if any additional parts are needed for the job.

Call out fees

While getting a cheap locksmith is not recommended we recommended to ask upfront what the call out fee is, this will avoid being shocked when you receive a bill and this is especially for an after hours or an emergency service.

Pay with a credit card

All legitimate businesses today take credit cards. It’s the safest way to pay because you’re protected against fraud. Don’t pay cash as there’s no way to trace it, and no recourse.

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