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We were discussing as a group about whether laser hair removal is permanent or not. It’s an interesting topic that I thought I would research and post today. The average cost of a single laser hair removal procedure is $235, and several sessions are required for a successful treatment but are it a worthy investment unwanted hair problems via laser procedure.

Sadly, laser hair removal is not permanent. It is, however, effective enough at its job of extremely reducing hair growth in the targeted area, to the point that you can stop shaving for a long period of time. Therefore, laser hair removal can be considered a semi-permanent hair removal procedure that produces drastic results.

laser hair removal

How Does Laser Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by aiming a concentrated beam of light at the unwanted hair. During this process, the high-heat light is absorbed by the skin pigment, causing enough damage on the hair follicles to temporarily disable future growth. For the uninitiated, hair follicles are located just beneath the skin, and they are the ones responsible for producing new strands of hair.

While your skin’s ability to regrow hair doesn’t remain incapacitated forever, the effects of laser hair removal can last anywhere from months to years, with follow-up treatments often required for optimal results. With its high potential to deliver long-lasting results in a generally painless manner, laser therapy is arguably the best hair removal option out there.

And thanks to advancements in technology, the limitation of laser hair removal to work on all skin types is now gone. It can now be availed by virtually anyone – light skin, medium skin, or dark skin – and is proven to be safe and effective regardless of the patient’s skin type.

As mentioned earlier, several sessions are needed to effectively remove unwanted hair and temporarily prevent it from regrowing, with follow-up treatments needed to get the most out of the procedure. The exact number of laser treatment sessions and follow-ups varies from patient to patient, but experts recommend around 4-6 treatments to effectively treat an area.


Although laser hair removal is not permanent, its remarkable ability to remove unwanted hair for a long period of time makes it a popular hair removal option. It is a procedure that is less painful than other methods, boasts a high success rate, and offers little or no minor side effects. It’s definitely worth every dollar because of the results it can deliver.

Have you ever wondered whether a mobile locksmith can make a key cutting from a lock?

The simple answer is yes, it is indeed possible for a professional locksmith to create a key for a standard lock. But it’s a slightly complex process that gets even more complicated when higher security lock models are involved, so it also depends on the locksmithing experience and skill of the locksmith.

One thing that people should know about this technique is that it’s not all the time that locksmiths need to apply it in the field because it’s only a viable solution when the original key is non-functional or worn down to the point that making a duplicate with it is not remotely possible. It’s basically the last resort for when a customer has an urgent key making need.

When using a locking system to make a key, there are several ways that a professional locksmith can do it successfully. But the exact process that a locksmith will use depends on the type of key and lock. Here’s a quick rundown of each process:

  • Using the Lock’s Code

Most lock types have a key code that a locksmith can refer to when making a key. It is considered the easiest way to make a key from a lock. However, a locksmith will not be able to perform this technique, especially in cases where the key code is stamped on the original key, or when it involves working on high-security locks that have key code cards instead of key codes. But with access to a lock’s bitting code, a professional locksmith can easily fashion a key for it.

  • Impressioning the Lock

Considered as the most efficient process, impressioning a lock is more of a direct approach to making keys that doesn’t require the locksmith to decode the lock or disassemble the lock cylinder. In this process, the locksmith inserts a key blank into the lock and turns the blank until the pins within the lock cylinder are binding. The locksmith will have to repeat this step several times in order to match the amount of pins that are normally found within a lock. Once this step is complete and all the necessary marks have been accounted for, the locksmith will be able to fashion a working key out of it.

  • Disassembling the Lock
Disassembling a lock

When all else fails, like when it’s not possible to use the lock’s code or when the impression attempt is unsuccessful, a locksmith will resort to disassembling the lock. This process is the last resort of most locksmiths due to the amount of skill and effort required to do it. In this technique, the locksmith will deconstruct the lock cylinder in a non-destructive way and attempt to reverse engineer the bitting for the key from the pins inside the lock cylinder. Once disassembled, the locksmith will be able to fashion a working key based on the measurements of the pins and other internal components of the lock cylinder.  

Never let missing, broken or decayed teeth keep you from flashing a big smile that exudes confidence. We spoke to a Mawson Dentist in Canberra there are numerous tooth replacement solutions now, and the best one has to be the state-of-the-art dental implant technology.

A dental implant is the product of modern dentistry’s innovative technological developments, providing countless individuals the ability to smile again without having to worry about the hassle and disadvantages that go with other forms of tooth replacement.

It is a high-tech replacement tooth that looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth, so other people wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

However, many people interested in the advanced tooth replacement solution do become hesitate as dental implants sound very intrusive as they are installed into your jaw and all the way through the roots of your teeth, acting as a long-term replacement.

For those who are having second thoughts, here are some of the biggest advantages that dental implants have over other tooth replacement solutions:

  • Looks and feels like the real deal

As I’ve mentioned earlier, dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. That alone is an advantage that sounds so appealing. With its naturally beautiful look, smiling confidently in front of other people won’t be trouble anymore. And with its natural feel, it absolutely feels cozy in the mouth!

  • Built to last
Dental Implants

Again, as I’ve mentioned earlier, dental implants are so durable that they will last even longer compared to other teeth replacement solutions. This is because dental implants are securely installed on the roots of the teeth and fused with the existing bone structure, which means you won’t have to worry about your teeth accidentally falling out in front of your crush. They can even last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

  • Prevents bacterial accumulation

Gum disease and infection are both a pain the mouth and the wallet, but it’s something that normally occurs when missing tooth gaps accumulate food and bacteria over a long period of time. But with dental implants to fill the gaps, the chances of gum disease from occurring are reduced to a very slim probability.

  • Restores and improves facial and jawbone structures

The need to work on adjacent teeth for the good old dental bridgework is avoided with dental implants, preserving natural tooth tissue and preventing the loss of jawbone height in the process. And when the loss of jawbone height is avoided, bone deterioration is massively reduced and the bone is preserved and will gradually improve.

  • Super Convenient

Almost anyone in this world would be willing to pay extra money for a product or service just to enjoy the added convenience that goes with the premium price. In the case of dental implants, they are the most convenient tooth replacement solution out there due to several reasons. Unlike removable dentures, there’s no need to remove dental implants before going to bed, and the need to apply messy adhesives every now and then is eliminated. And because dental implants are installed in a way that they behave like natural teeth, chewing becomes an easy and painless task to do.

  • Practicing overall oral hygiene is much easier
Dental Hygiene and dental implants

Because of the fact that dental implants function like normal teeth, the simple tasks of brushing, flossing and other oral hygiene practices are much easier to do. This is a huge relief because it’s harder to practice overall oral hygiene with other forms of teeth replacements due to their impractical design.

Get dental implants today!

Plenty of people dread situations that would require them to go in front of a group of people and speak loud enough for everyone to hear, and nearly the same amount of people have a really hard time when it comes to communicating and presenting their ideas clearly to a live audience.

In fact, approximately 75% of the world’s population struggle with public speaking to some degree.

Public Speaking Is Something That Cannot Be Avoided

But the thing is, we have been discussing it as a group and public speaking is basically inevitable. At some point in our lives, we’d have to face a situation that would require us to talk in front of an audience, small or large.

Like when we were younger, there were at least multiple instances when our grade school teacher made us recite in front of the whole class. And we know the significance of recitations because they have an impact on your overall grade.

For us adults, most jobs in the corporate world would require you to deliver a presentation, or at least engage in some sort of public speaking activity, in front of your colleagues, bosses, and even to the potential clients of your enterprise.

And if your lack of public speaking training – or fear of public speaking – got the best of you during a corporate presentation, there’s a huge chance that you’d hurt the reputation of your organisation, lose a valuable opportunity to gain investors, or disappoint the guys at the top – which can ultimately cost you your job.

Did you know there are actually public speaking courses you can attend to increase your public speaking confidence?

As an adult you can get a Sydney public speaking coach or for your child, there are Sydney school holiday programs (there are classes available for ages 6 – 15 years) – so students can learn to be confident speaking publically as early as possible.

There are many benefits in attending a public speaking course.

Benefits of public speaking

Improved Communication Skills

Effective communication is an invaluable life skill that can help us in anything from work situations to personal relationships.

  • More Confidence

More confidence means less doubt and anxiety. It also feels very empowering to the point that stepping on a stage to face a large audience won’t be an issue anymore.

  • Career Growth

Bosses love employees who can effectively communicate ideas during meetings and presentations, and recruiters are more likely to hire applicants with good public speaking skills. The former means that promotions are not that far off the table for you, and the latter means that you won’t have that much difficulty landing a job.

  • Overcome Fear

Overcoming a fear that causes a great deal of anxiety and nervousness feels so good. Once the fear of public speaking has been overcome, speeches, recitations and presentations will become a piece of cake.

  • Inspire Other People

One of the best feelings in life is to inspire other people through the power of your words, just like how the world’s greatest speeches managed to inspire multiple generations.

When it comes to today’s swimming pools, most homeowners are torn between the three primary pool types: concrete pools, fibreglass pools, and vinyl liner pools.

While each popular pool style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages a concrete swimming pool is undoubtedly the best.

Here is why.

An Outstanding Level of Durability

One of concrete’s finest strengths is the exceptional durability that allows it to withstand anything from harsh weather conditions to abrasions. When concrete is used as the material to build a pool, the pool lasts longer and becomes durable against external factors, such as scratches and dents. And in the event that its durability is compromised in the form of minor cracks, wears and tears, a concrete pool is very easy to repair and doesn’t cost that much to get fixed, allowing you to save a significant amount of money in future repair costs.

Highly Customisable with Unlimited Design Options

Fond of creatively tweaking the surroundings of your home? Then you’re going to love the outstanding swimming pool design versatility of concrete swimming pools. Unlike fibreglass pools that are manufactured according to a particular set of specifications, there are no limitations on the shape, size, colour and style of a concrete swimming pool. You can choose the amount of ledges, steps, and the varying depths of your concrete pool. Oh, and you can even add an outdoor spa to the design to make it look even more stunning. All of this is possible because concrete pools are built on the location, and concrete is a very versatile construction material.

Enhances the Beauty of your Backyard

Concrete looks so good that it has the power to add an extra layer of beauty to your backyard. And with the classic pool appearance it provides, concrete is definitely one of the best pool types if you’re looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property’s exterior. Apart from that, you can make your concrete pool more aesthetically pleasing by installing add-ons like custom-designed retaining walls and water features. And because concrete is highly customizable, you will never run out of beauty-enhancing design ideas for your concrete swimming pool.

Boosts the Monetary Value of your Property

When a reliable material like concrete is used to install something permanent like a pool, it can instantly improve your property’s value, especially it’s installed by high-quality pool builders like Steller Pools. And since it is a very durable type of material, the monetary value boost it brings will remain for a long period of time. Other than that, the many additions you can add to a concrete pool enables you to increase its value even further.

Timber milling is the second stage in the process of wood production where harvested trees are cut into beams, planks and other wood products of varying shapes and sizes, which are then used by residential, commercial and industrial entities for several purposes, including home or building construction.

For the uninitiated, timber is an incredibly versatile construction material that offers a myriad of awesome benefits for both us and our environment. Firstly, timber is a renewable resource that also happens to be reusable and easy to turn into other wood products. Secondly, timber possesses remarkable insulating properties that surpass the insulating power of brick, which is another material known for being an excellent insulator. Lastly, timber is durable enough that it can be used for structural purposes in home and building construction.

Now, let’s go back to timber milling.

A sawmill or timber mill is the place where logs are cut into timber. For crafting timber, either softwood or hardwood species can be used.

Here in Australia, most timber mills are outfitted with modern equipment for processing logs and turning them into timber of varying widths, lengths and shapes. However, even with modernized saws and machines, the step-by-step process that logs undergo remains the same as it was over hundreds of years ago, but the difference is it’s faster and more accurate today.

The basic process in the average timber mill involves everything from felling the trees, bucking them to length and cutting the branches off the trunk, to trimming the ends at typical lumber length, removing naturally occurring moisture from the timber, and smoothening the surface. The final product is then called sawn timber.

This entire process of producing sawn timber for construction use is what they call timber milling. And some of the most common sawn timber products are timber roof trusses and timber wall frames, among others.

Nowadays, there are some timber manufacturers that harness the power of advanced technology so they can provide custom timber milling services of the highest quality and detail to their customers. Using CAD programs, they are able to construct and execute design plans with extreme precision and detail, avoiding any costly errors throughout the entire milling process.

Timber milling has definitely come a long way compared to what it was hundreds of years ago. And thanks to the modern advancements in technology, our generation can enjoy standard or custom sawn timber products of the finest quality to suit our needs, whether it be for construction or any other purpose.

Laser cutting is a technology that has been revolutionising the manufacturing industry in recent years, turning what was once a slow but reliable process into something safer and more efficient. With its plethora of advantages that include anything from high-quality surface finishes to extremely precise cuts, manufacturing businesses through to hobbyists are among those that can benefit.

For larger scale productions in Sydney, we recommend contacting a Sydney laser cutting company. A company specialising in laser cutting will have more advanced and efficient technology to the laser cutters that we have reviewed.

For a hobbyist though or small scale projects there are lots of laser cutting machines to choose from, including relatively affordable devices and super expensive machines, making the process of picking the right laser cutter kind of intimidating for first-time buyers who are not that well-versed about the technology.

To help we have reviewed three of the best laser cutters/engravers that you can buy at the best prices:

Note: all prices are in USD

CNCShop Laser Engraving Machine 130W

Price: $5,999.99 at Amazon

If you’re looking for the best bang for the buck laser cutting and engraving machine, look no further than the CNCShop Laser Engraving Machine 130W. With its CO2 laser tube, this water-cooled laser cutter has enough power to cut through thick wooden plates on a single pass, making it ideal for larger format engraving and cutting. Aside from that, with a cutting accuracy of 2,500 dots per inch, the CNCShop Laser Engraving Machine 130W boasts an extremely high level of precision that is absolutely great for woodworking. The notable disadvantage of this laser device is that it can work on many materials, except metals. But if the primary material you use for mass production is wood, this machine is perfect for you.

Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine 30W

Price: $6,550 at Amazon

Finding a relatively inexpensive laser cutting/engraving machine that can work on metals is very difficult, but the Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine 30W is a rare exception. With its outstanding laser beam quality, high peak power, and exceptional marking speed, this incredible machine is best suited for industrial and professional applications. It also comes with a rotary attachment that allows you to work on cylinder-shaped materials when engraving, and a modular design that enables the user to adjust the size and complexity of the marking area. When it comes to the materials this machine can work on, it can handle all metals as well as a variety of non-metals. 

Glowforge Pro Plus

Price: $5,995 at Glowforge’s website

The Glowforge Pro Plus is a commercial-grade laser cutter with satisfactory production capabilities and an awesome, sleek design. Its incredible versatility, extraordinary accuracy and reliability are among the main strengths of this device, making it great for any small business looking to improve their small production runs. In addition, the Glowforge Pro Plus’ high cutting power enables it to cut and engrave a wide range of materials, such as rubber, cardboard, wood, paper, fabric, leather, and more. The only downside to the Glowforge Pro Plus is it doesn’t have the capability to cut metals, which slightly limits the type of products you can craft using it.

When it comes to flying, these days the options available are endless- from jumbo planes, to supersonic jets, hot air balloons and blimps. However, when it comes to scenic flightsnothing offers more flexibility than the humble helicopter.

Perhaps one of the most famous and recognisable models in the world is the Bell Helicopter.

Invented by Larry Bell and designed by Arthur M. Young in 1943, the Bell 47 rolled out in December 1945. It was the first mass produced helicopter and was certified for civilian use in 1946.

During the Korean War in the early 1950’s, Bell Helicopters gained international recognition and respect. By war’s end, helicopters had evacuated 20,000 wounded men from the battle- field, 85 % of them were carried out in Bell 47’s.

Thanks to the hit television series, M*A*S*H, about a US army medical unit serving in the Korean War and featuring the Bell H-13 Sioux light helicopter, the model gained Hollywood status!

In 1984 a Bell 47D-1 was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York where it is suspended above the entrance to the Architecture and Design Wing.

There are hundreds of original Bells still flying today, engaged in everything from emergency medical evacuations, oil and gas exploration and tourism.

Because of the helicopter’s flexibility in terms of flying height and landing locations, Bells are often the helicopters of choice for scenic flights.

This ability to fly in any direction, allows passengers more options when it comes to choosing points of interest. Unlike other aircraft, a helicopter has the ability to gracefully swing between heights, as low as six inches and as high as sixty. That means hovering above a mountain range, before landing for lunch, are all possible during a scenic helicopter flight.

The helicopter’s vast cockpit also offers passengers spectacular views of the landscape below.  Boasting a more spacious interior than similar models, the Bell offers passengers a more comfortable flying experience. Being able to chat to the pilot during the journey also makes a helicopter tour a far more personal experience.

Some people mistakenly think that protein and exercise are only for picture-perfect bodybuilders who live and breathe pumping the iron and going to the Rouse Hill gym. But protein is basically important for anyone who wants to make the most out of exercise routines, and is not in any way limited for the pros only.

When we exercise, our body effectively tears and breaks muscle fibres apart. Protein and their amino acids are essential for providing the building blocks to help build, repair and maintain the muscles that are affected during exercise. Protein also gives us the energy we need to execute the needed physical activities during routines.

But unlike carbohydrates and fat, our body doesn’t have a storage for protein, which means that it doesn’t have anywhere to draw on when it requires a new supply. So what our body does instead is it uses any available protein that our body has to help work on the muscles and also to replace glycogens.

That is why fitness specialists and personal trainers highly recommend anyone who is body building, strength training, or exercising in general to eat protein before or after a workout session. That is also the reason why we regularly see people at the Rouse Hill gym or 24 hour fitness centre who drink whey shakes or eat protein bars after their workout session.

But before you head out and buy special bars and shakes for your body’s required protein intake pre- or post-workout, keep in mind that you can also get protein from better food sources – which we will be discussing also.

Carbohydrates also play a vital role in helping our effectively body absorb protein as they are the ones that provide the energy our body needs to use the protein for its functional and structural properties, which in turn helps produce more muscle mass.

And because of the well-documented synergy between healthy protein and quality carbohydrates, the meals or snacks you eat before or after a routine should contain the right amount of each, which is high for protein and low for carbohydrates. Here’s a short list of foods that have just that:

  • Fish – Certain types of fish, such as salmon, offer omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart, and contain less fat than meat.
  • Nuts – Almonds, cashews, and peanuts offer a good amount of protein and heart-healthy fats per serving. And the fact that nuts are easy to carry around makes them a great snack when on-the-go.
  • Eggs – Considered as the best source of protein, eggs are capable of providing all the amino acids you need on your diet. What’s even better about eggs is that there are a lot of different ways to cook or consume it, which makes eating eggs a fun, delicious and healthy experience.
  • Chicken – Skinless chicken is known for being an excellent source of protein. Also, just like eggs, chicken is savoury and cooking it is an enjoyable experience.
  • Whole Grains – Whole wheat bread is a great source of protein and fibre. Like protein, fibre is a dietary nutrient that helps with muscle building.

But protein does more than helping our muscles for exercise, because it is also a significant building block of blood, skin, cartilage, and bones. So whether you are a fitness buff or not, protein can benefit your body in more ways than one. There’s no denying, however, that its power is more beneficial for those who exercise.

If you are reading this you are researching or getting a solar panel system for your home or commercial solar panels. Within your research there’s also a huge probability that you ran into the terms “off the grid or off-grid and solar power systems” while researching the different types of solar energy options on the internet.

If you don’t fully understand what an off-grid solar PV system we have put together this short article containing all of the essentials.

There are three main types of solar energy systems: on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid.

To help you better understand what an off-grid system is, let’s define what an on-grid system is first.

What Is an On-Grid System?

On-grid, also known as a grid-feed or grid-tie solar system, is a solar PV system that is tied to the system of your local utility company and only generates power when the utility power grid is available. Most residential homes use this type of system because with it you have the option to send excess energy back to your grid’s power company, enabling the residential property owners to build credit that can be cashed out at the end of the year.

Off-Grid Systems

On the other hand, an off-grid solar PV system is not connected to your grid’s utility company or power system. This means that your energy use is 100% self-sustaining and your energy needs are 100% covered, given that you have enough battery capacity to handle your home’s requirements. Since it is not connected to the electricity grid, this system comes with battery storage units where you can store power for immediate and future uses.

However, one of the downsides of an off-grid system is that your overall costs with it are much higher than with an on-grid system, as you’ll be needing to buy expensive inverters and batteries to complete your off-grid setup.

Fortunately battery costs are going down each year, so the market for off-grid solar PV systems have been steadily increasing over time.

Do you understand now why they call it an off-grid system? Good.

Now, let’s quickly learn about two of the off-grid systems’ main components: the battery bank and the backup generator.

  • Battery Bank

Unlike on-grid systems that send excess energy back to the grid, off-grid systems send any excess power to the battery bank, which stops receiving energy once it is full. During cloudy days or night time, when your solar energy system is not working, the batteries are the ones that will supply power to your appliances. As earlier mentioned, it will definitely make you energy self-sufficient.

  • Backup Generator

Whenever the weather is unforgiving for long periods of time and your batteries are running low, the backup generator is responsible for providing power to your home. In order for the backup generator to perform excellently, you should get an adequate-sized gen-set that is based on your home’s energy requirements.

When Is an Off-Grid System the Ideal Solar Power Option?

Because of how an off-grid solar PV system works, it’s ideal to be used on homes located in remote areas where there is zero access to electricity, or where power lines are somewhat far from the property. So if you own a home or a farm that is slightly isolated from civilisation and has no source of power nearby, then going for an off-grid system is the way to go for your energy needs.

But if you really want to go off the grid despite having a nearby power grid to connect to, it is also a good option due to the advantages that this type of solar PV system presents, including zero monthly electricity costs, immunity to grid-tied blackouts or power failures, and total energy self-sufficiency.