When it comes to today’s swimming pools, most homeowners are torn between the three primary pool types: concrete pools, fibreglass pools, and vinyl liner pools.

While each popular pool style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages a concrete swimming pool is undoubtedly the best.

Here is why.

An Outstanding Level of Durability

One of concrete’s finest strengths is the exceptional durability that allows it to withstand anything from harsh weather conditions to abrasions. When concrete is used as the material to build a pool, the pool lasts longer and becomes durable against external factors, such as scratches and dents. And in the event that its durability is compromised in the form of minor cracks, wears and tears, a concrete pool is very easy to repair and doesn’t cost that much to get fixed, allowing you to save a significant amount of money in future repair costs.

Highly Customisable with Unlimited Design Options

Fond of creatively tweaking the surroundings of your home? Then you’re going to love the outstanding swimming pool design versatility of concrete swimming pools. Unlike fibreglass pools that are manufactured according to a particular set of specifications, there are no limitations on the shape, size, colour and style of a concrete swimming pool. You can choose the amount of ledges, steps, and the varying depths of your concrete pool. Oh, and you can even add an outdoor spa to the design to make it look even more stunning. All of this is possible because concrete pools are built on the location, and concrete is a very versatile construction material.

Enhances the Beauty of your Backyard

Concrete looks so good that it has the power to add an extra layer of beauty to your backyard. And with the classic pool appearance it provides, concrete is definitely one of the best pool types if you’re looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property’s exterior. Apart from that, you can make your concrete pool more aesthetically pleasing by installing add-ons like custom-designed retaining walls and water features. And because concrete is highly customizable, you will never run out of beauty-enhancing design ideas for your concrete swimming pool.

Boosts the Monetary Value of your Property

When a reliable material like concrete is used to install something permanent like a pool, it can instantly improve your property’s value, especially it’s installed by high-quality pool builders like Steller Pools. And since it is a very durable type of material, the monetary value boost it brings will remain for a long period of time. Other than that, the many additions you can add to a concrete pool enables you to increase its value even further.

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